Christopher A. Wood

BEAD - Best Effort Autonomous Deletion in Content-Centric Networking

C. Ghali, G. Tsudik, and C. A. Wood

IFIP Networking 2016, May 17 - 19, 2016, Vienna, Austria



A core feature of Content-Centric Networking (CCN) is opportunistic content caching in routers. It enables routers to satisfy content requests with in-network cached copies, thereby reducing bandwidth utilization, decreasing congestion, and improving overall content retrieval latency. One major drawback of in-network caching is that content producers have no knowledge about where their content is stored. This is problematic if a producer wishes to delete its content. In this paper, we show how to address this problem with a protocol called BEAD (Best-Effort Autonomous Deletion). It performs content deletion via small and secure packets that resemble current CCN messages. We discuss several methods of routing BEAD packets from producers to caching routers with varying levels of network overhead and efficacy. We assess BEAD's performance via simulations and provide a detailed analysis of its properties.


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