Christopher A. Wood

AC3N - An API and Service for Anonymous Communication in Content-Centric Networking (Extended Version)

G. Tsudik, E. Uzun, and C. A. Wood



Privacy problems that stem from a lack of truly anonymous communication in today’s Internet are exacerbated by growing evidence of large-scale network packet interception and eavesdropping [12]. Internet users have a limited set of tools available at their disposal to enable better communication, including Tor [3] and new protocols such as tcpcrypt [8, 9] and DNS-over-TLS [32]. Content-Centric Networking (CCN) is an emerging (inter-)networking architecture with the goal of becoming an alternative to the IP-based Internet. Such an architecture must at least have parity with IP based solutions for anonymous communication. Thus, there is a clear demand for a CCN analog to Tor and related protocols. ANDaNA (Anonymous Named Data Networking Applica- tion) was the initial attempt to satisfy this demand for CCNs in the context of the legacy Named Data Networking (NDN) architecture – an instance of CCN. However, its elementary design and hasty implementation led to performance and usability issues that hinder practical use. In this paper, we introduce AC3N: Anonymous Communication for Content- Centric Networking, a substantially evolved and improved incarnationofANDa ̄NA.AC3Nsupportshigh-throughput and low-latency anonymous content retrieval in modern CCNs, for both unidirectional and bidirectional settings. We discuss the design, implementation, performance, and anonymity prop- erties of AC3N. Our experimental results indicate that AC3N incurs very low overhead while providing anonymity features analogous to Tor.